Ira A. Finkelstein, Equestrian LawPresentations and Lectures

Mr. Finkelstein co-presented a program at the Racing Officials Accreditation Program at the University of Arizona entitled “A Nuts and Bolts Seminar on Equine Medication and Testing and the Prosecution of a Medication Case.” 

In May 2013 he co-presented a program at the National Conference on Equine Law entitled "Equine Law's Greatest Hits—A Survey of the Most Salient Case Law Opinions in Equine Law History," in which he discussed the United States Supreme Court’s decision in Barry v. Barchi, a case in which he authored an amicus curiae brief on behalf of the New York Racing Association.  In April 2014 Mr. Finkelstein again spoke at the Conference, co-presenting a program on the subject “Professional Negligence by Trainers in the Equine Industry.”

Mr. Finkelstein has written and spoken on topics including antitrust issues in the horse industry, rules and methods of achieving control of participants in equestrian activities, and recent legal problems in the detection of medication of racehorses. He has also presented new owner programs for the Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association.